Course Details

  1. Understanding CAM Programming (VMC).
  2. Introduction To CNC Machines.
  3. Role Of CAM Softwares IN Manufacturing.
  4. CNC Tooling And T Heir Selection Criteria.
  5. Knowledge Of CAM Software Environment.
  6. Toolbars And User Interface.
  7. Importing Model From CAD Software.
  8. Understanding Various Translators.
  9. Understanding Model And Machine Coordinate System.
  10. Analysis Of A Model.
  11. Setting / Shifting Work Zero.
  12. Process Planning.
  13. Understanding Of Cutter Parameters Selection.
  14. Working With Roughing Strategies(Core/Cavity).
  15. Working With Finishing Strategies(Core/Cavity).
  16. Cutting In Boundaries.
  17. Gouge Checking.
  18. Tool Path Generation.
  19. Understanding Post Processing.
  20. Editing Tool Path / CL Data.
  21. Machining Practice On CNC Machine.
  22. Machining Projects
Assignments And Practice Problems Will Be Given After The  Completion Of Each Module.

Course Duration-50 Hours

Cutting A Face With The Help Of CAM.