CNC Milling

1. Introduction.

  • What Is Fanuc Control?
  • Description Of Different Operating Modes.
  • Explanation Of Coordinate System.
  • Description Of Feed Override And Spindle Speed Override.

2. Setting Up The Machine.

  • Creating New Tools In Tool Offset Area.
  • Operating Sequence To Determine tool Offset.
  • Entering The Tool Offset Values From Various Tools.
  • Enter / Modify The Work Offset.

3. Basics Of Programming.

  • Meaning Of G And M Codes.
  • Meaning Of S- , T- , F-  Function.
  • What Is CNC Program?
  • Structure Of CNC Program.

4. Creating A Basic Program.

  • Creation Of Slots Using G00 And G01 Commands.
  • Cutting Circles And Ellipses.
  • Editing And Deleting Part Program.
  • Description Of Work Offset / Tool Offset.

5. Working In A Part Program.

  • Description Of Programming Modes.
  • Absolute And Incremental Mode.
  • Cutter Radius Compensation.
  • Cutting Dies And Punches.

6. Advanced Programming Techniques.

  • Introduction To Subprogram.
  • Mirroring A Profile Using Subprogram.
  • Axis Rotation Commands.
  • Use Of Scaling Commands.
  • Cutting Circular And Rectangular Pockets.

7. Canned Cycles.

  • Introduction To Canned Cycles.
  • Introduction Of Drilling, Boring, And Tapping Operations.
  • Understanding Tool Motion In Canned Cycles.
  • Creating Holes In Different Patterns.
  • Creating Holes On PCD.
  • Cutting LH And RH Threads Using Tapping Cycles.
  • Calculation Of Spindle Feed And Feed Value For Tapping.
  • Concepts Of Countersinking And Counter boring For Enlarging holes.

Assignments And Practice Problems Will Be Given After The  Completion Of Each Module.

Course Duration-50 Hours