1. General Mould Construction.

  • Mould Components And Terminology.
  • Mould Cavities And Cores.
  • Organizing The Assemblies.
  • Creating 3D Models Of Moulds Components.

2. Types Of Materials In Mould Design.

  • Mould Component Material Selection Criteria.
  • Introduction To Polymer Materials.
  • Thermal Aspects Of Different Polymers.

3. Basic Concepts Of Mould Design.

  • Understanding Injection Mould.
  • Two Plate And MUlti-Plate Mould.
  • Moulding Defects And Remedies.

4. Ejection System.

  • Ejector Grid.
  • Ejector Plate Assembly.
  • Ejection Techniques.
  • Sprue Pullers.

5. Material Feed System.

  • Introduction To Feeding System.
  • Design Feature Of Different Types Of Runners.
  • Design Feature Of Different Types Of Gates.

6. Concept Of Parting Surface.

  • Analyzing And Adding Draft To A Model.
  • Scale The Part To Allow The Shrinkage.
  • Manual Selection Of Parting Lines.
  • Flat And Non-Flat Parting System.

7. Cooling System For Moulds.

  • Necessisity Of Cooling.
  • Mould Plate And Mould Component Cooling.
  • Water Connections And Seals.

8. Side Core And Side Cavity.

  • Design Features Of Side Cores And Cavities.
  • Types Of Side Cores And Cavities.
  • Design Standards In Use For Mould Parts.

9. Making The Drawing For Mould.

  • Positioning Of Inserts.
  • Ejector System.
  • Ejector Grid.
  • Drawing Plan View.
  • BOM And Annotations.

10. Practicals On Advance CAD Software.

  • 3D Modeling Of Mould Components.
  • Core / Cavity Extraction.
  • Assembly Of Various Types Of Moulds.

Assignments And Practice Problems Will Be Given After The  Completion Of Each Module.

Course Duration-
80 Hours.