Course Details 

1.   Introduction To Pro/E Wildfire.

        • Introduction To Pro/E Interface.
        • Feature Based Nature.
        • File Menu Options.
        • Model Tree Toolbars And Navigators. 
        • Appearance And Rendering.                                            

2.   Creating Sketches In Sketch Mode.

        • The Sketching Environment.
        • Drawing A Sketch Using Line ,Rectangle ,Circle ,Arc.
        • Dimensioning The Sketched Entities.
        • Working With Constraints.
        • Creating Fillets.

3.   Creating Base Features.

        • Invoking The Part Mode.
        • The Default Datum Planes.
        • Extruding And Revolving The Sketch.
        • Parent Child Relationship.

4.   Understanding The Concept Of Datums.

        • Needs For Datums IN Modeling.
        • Creating Datum Planes ,Datum Axis ,Datum Points.
        • Removing Material By Extruding And Revolving.

5.   Options Aiding Construction Of Parts.

        • Creating Holes ,Rounds And Chamfers.
        • Understanding Ribs And Patterns.
        • Mirroring A Geometry.
        • Creating A Section Of Solid Model.

6.   Advanced Modeling Tools.

        • Sweep ,Shell And Blend Options.
        • Datum Curves.
        • Toroidal And Spinal Blend.
        • Warp And Wrap Buttons.

7.   Assembly Modeling.

        • Important Terms Related To Assembly Modeling.
        • Creating Top Down And Bottom Up Assembly.
        • Adding Simplified Representations.
        • Reordering Components.

8.   Generating, Modifying And Dimensioning The Drawing Views.

        • Generating The General Views.
        • Editing And Modifying The Drawing Views.
        • Adding Notes And Tolerances.
        • Sketching In The Drawing Mode.

9.   Surface Modeling.

        • Creating A Surface By Extruding.
        • Creating A Surface By Revolving.
        • Creating Blend And Sweep Surfaces.

10. Working With Sheetmetal Components.  

        • Invoking The Sheetmetal Mode.
        • Introduction To Sheetmetal Walls.
        • Creating A Flat Wall.
Assignments And Practice Problems Will Be Given After The  Completion Of Each Module.

Course Duration-
100 Hours.