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AutoCAD 3D

Experience your designs virtually before they are built. NIEDS is the most trusted AutoCAD 3D Training Institute In Delhi. We have helped a great number of engineers in realizing their dreams of becoming AutoCAD drafters. We’ll teach you all the basic concepts and help you in visualising your design beforehand. AutoCAD is a powerful tool, which can help you in designing various engineering projects. It is also capable of generating a file for 3D printing. Our 40 Hours AutoCAD 3D Courses will make you capable of leveraging the power of this tool to transform your ideas into reality.

This Is A Special Course Provided By Us To Give A Basic Knowledge Of Engineering Drawing To A Fresher (Non Technical) . This Course Includes All The Necessary Topics That Are Helpful In Their Professional Career In Mechanical Stream.

Course Syllabus

Course Details

Advantages Of Our Advanced AutoCAD 3D Course:

  • Hone your imagination and designing skills
  • Basic concepts from the scratch
  • Work your way up from the beginner level
  • Options of intermediate and expert level are also available
  • Interactive classes and a vibrant classroom

Invest In Your Career With Our AutoCAD 3D Diploma:

  • Widely recognized certificate in multiple industries
  • Experience of over a decade
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Well-structured modules
  • Spread over a suitable period of time

If you are convinced that it is the right choice for your career, then don’t hesitate to call us to book a seat for yourself.

    1. Basics Of 3D CAD.
  • . Viewing Of A 3D Model.
  • . Rotating The View.
  • . Adding Thickness To 2D Objects.
  • . Additional Shading Models.
  • 2. Solid Modelling.
  • . Solid Modelling Definitions And Concepts.
  • . Extruding 2D Objects.
  • . Revolved Solids.
  • . Controlling The Appearance Of Solids.
  • 3. Modifying Solid Models.
  • . Filleting Solid Models.
  • . Chamfering Solids.
  • . Slicing A Solid Along A Plane.
  • . Section Views.
  • 4 .Working With 3D Coordinate System.
  • . Understanding 3D Coordinate Systems.
  • . 3D Object Snaps.
  • . The User Coordinate System.
  • . Working With Multiple UCS.
  • 5. Creating Composite Solid Model.
  • . Concept Of Composite Solid Model.
  • . Boolean Operations.
  • 6. 3D Concepts : Advanced Levels.
  • . The Coordinate System.
  • . Advanced UCS Concepts.
  • . Named View In 3D.
  • . Printing/Plotting 3D Models.
  • 7. Working With Layout  Feature And Layout Tab.
  • . Layouts: A New Look For Plotting.
  • . Creating A New Layout.
  • . Specifying Page Setup.
  • . Layout Settings. 
  • 8. Working With The View ports Dialog Box.
  • . Scaling ViewPorts.
  • . Non Rectangular Viewports.
  • . Floating Viewports Setup.
  • . Creating Profiles From Solids.
  • 9.Component Design And Development.
  • . Use Of Vernier Calipers, Micrometer And Gauges In Component Development.
  • . Generating Production Drawings For Assemblies And Individual Component.
40 Hours.

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