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Unigraphics NX, also known as Siemens NX, is an advanced software package used for engineering analysis, design and manufacturing finished design with the help of machining modules. NIEDS is a renowned Unigraphics NX CAD Training Institute In Delhi. Our course is designed in such a way that you will easily learn all the commands and the important tools of the software. It will take you from a stage of knowing nothing about NX to a stage where you will hold all the relevant skills and knowledge to become a certified NX designer.

Course Syllabus

Course Details

Opt For Our Unigraphics CAD Course For The Following Reasons:

  • Complete and in-depth knowledge of every tool
  • You will get assignments and practice problems upon completion of each module
  • Start with basics and then go into the little details of designing
  • Will teach you to express your creativity

What Makes Us Different?

  • Regular classes on a tight schedule
  • Flexibility in fee structure
  • A holistic learning environment
  • Plenty of hands-on experience
  • Perfect blend of technology and interaction

Our Unigraphics CAD Modules will make you well-versed with the little and big details of this powerful tool. Get in touch with us to know more.

    1. Introduction.
  • How To Start NX ?
  • . Studying Different Environment In NX.
  • . Various Toolbars.
  • . Setting Work Area Colour Scheme.
  • . Introduction To Dialog Boxes.
  • . HotKeys
  • 2.  Drawing Sketches.
  • To Sketch And Modify Different Entities.
  • . Zooming And Panning Sketches.
  • . Invoking The Assembly ModuleUsing Selection Methods.
  • . Using Snap Options.
  • . Adding Geometric And Dimensional Constraints To Sketches.
  • . Measuring Distance Between Sketched Entities.
  • 3. Theory Of Orthographic Projections.
  • Concept Of Solid Modeling.
  • . Use Of Datum Planes, Datum Axis And Datum Points.
  • . Creating Different Features On Base Module.
  • . Advance modeling Tool-1.
  • . Editing Feature.
  • . Advanced Modeling Tool-2.
  • 4.  Solid Modeling.
  • Invoking The Assembly Module
  • . Approaches Of Assembly Drawing.
  • . Applying Assembly Constraints To Components.
  • . Top-Down Assembly Approach.
  • . Modifying Assembly Constraints
  • . Checking Interference, Clearance And Analyzing.
  • 5. Assembly Modeling 
  • Understanding Sheet Metal Environment.
  • . Applying Extrude And Revolved Feature.
  • . Creating A Surface Using Through Curve Tools.
  • . Creating N Sided Surface.
  • . Creating Curves From Bodies.
  • . Creating Feature Like Dart, Embossing, Face Blend, Fillet  Bridge.
  • 6. Surface Modeling.
  • . Invoking Drafting Environment.
  • . Invoking The Different Templates In Drawing.
  • . Applying Section View Like Full, Half, Revolved, Break-Out Sections.
  • . Manipulating The Drawing View.
  • . Generating Parts List And Associative Balloons In An Assembly.
  • . Printing And Potting Options.
  • 7. Drafting And Detailing.
  • . Finding Out The Core And Cavity For Any Component.
150 Hours.

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