Course Details

1. Basics Of 3D CAD.

  • Viewing Of A 3D Model.
  • Rotating The View.
  • Adding Thickness To 2D Objects.
  • Additional Shading Models.

2. Solid Modelling.

  • Solid Modelling Definitions And Concepts.
  • Extruding 2D Objects.
  • Revolved Solids.
  • Controlling The Appearance Of Solids.

3. Modifying Solid Models.

  • Filleting Solid Models.
  • Chamfering Solids.
  • Slicing A Solid Along A Plane.
  • Section Views.

4. Working With 3D Coordinate System.

  • Understanding 3D Coordinate Systems.
  • 3D Object Snaps.
  • The User Coordinate System.
  • Working With Multiple UCS.

5. Creating Composite Solid Model.

  • Concept Of Composite Solid Model.
  • Boolean Operations.

6. 3D Concepts : Advanced Levels.

  • The Coordinate System.
  • Advanced UCS Concepts.
  • Named View In 3D.
  • Printing/Plotting 3D Models.

7. Working With Layout  Feature And Layout Tab.

  • Layouts: A New Look For Plotting.
  • Creating A New Layout.
  • Specifying Page Setup.
  • Layout Settings.

8. Working With The View ports Dialog Box.

  • Scaling ViewPorts.
  • Non Rectangular Viewports.
  • Floating Viewports Setup.
  • Creating Profiles From Solids.

9.Component Design And Development.

  • Use Of Vernier Calipers, Micrometer And Gauges In Component Development.
  • Generating Production Drawings For Assemblies And Individual Component.
Assignments And Practice Problems Will Be Given After The  Completion Of Each Module

Course Duration- 40 Hours

AutoCAD 3D

  • Mechanical
  • Civil