Engineering Drawing

This Is A Special Course Provided By Us To Give A  Basic Knowledge Of Engineering Drawing To A Fresher (Non Technical) . This Course Includes All The Necessary Topics That  Are Helpful In Their  Professional Career In Mechanical Stream.

Course Details

1. Lines, Lettering And Free Hand Sketching.

2. Use Of Drawing Instruments.

3. Theory Of Orthographic Projections.

4. Projection Of Points , Lines , Surfaces, And Solids.

5. Sections Of Solids.

6. Technical Drawing Dimensioning.

7. Isometric , Oblique And Perspective View.

8. Layouts Of Sheets And Title Blocks.

9. Drawing Standards And Scales.

10. Threads And Fasteners.

11. Theory Of Tolerances.

Component Design And Development

In this Module We Provide Training On The Use Of Vernier Calipers, Micrometer And Gauges   In Component Development . By Measuring The Dimensions Of The Component We Can generate  Production Drawings For Assemblies And Individual Component . And With The Help Of These Drawing We Can Make The Component In Any CAD Software.

Assignments And Practice Problems Will Be Given After The  Completion Of Each Module.

Course Duration-
20 Hours.